How to Explore the Data

As the console output suggests, let's navigate to localhost:4000 and behold Cube.js Developer Playground. It provides a lot of features, but we have a clear path to follow. Let's build a query.

To do so, go to the "Build" tab, click "+ Measure," and select a measure. For example, select Measures Confirmed Cases. As you can see, the Measures Date time dimension has been automatically selected, and the chart below displays the count of confirmed COVID-19 cases over time. You can even "+ Filter" by Measures Country, use the "equals" condition, and put your own country's name into the filter field. Looks interesting, right?

Alt Text

Definitely feel free to experiment and try your own queries, measures, dimensions, time dimensions, granularities, and filters.

After that, let's move on and build an analytical app! 🦠